Things To Consider Before Buying a Sloped Block of Land

Sloping block

Buying a sloping block of land provides many unique opportunities for a truly one of a kind living experience. Amazing views and bespoke architecture make homes on sloped blocks some of the most interesting to live in.

However, a block of land on an incline comes with many variables and as with most things, these variables can quickly cost you time and money if you haven’t done your research.

Consider the following factors carefully before making the decision to purchase an uneven block of land:


  1. Don’t be drawn in by affordability:

On face value, sloped blocks of land may seem incredibly affordable, especially in comparison to flatter blocks on the market in the same area.

There’s a very good reason for this. Sloped blocks are challenging to build on, sometimes requiring far more work to properly build a home on than would be the case with a flat block.


  1. Accessibility can be an issue:

We believe that accessibility issues are something that isn’t properly accounted for by many prospective buyers.

Consider family members or friends with mobility issues, or even yourself in the future as you grow older. It may seem appealing to build on a steep incline with a beautiful view, but all that is for naught if you can’t access your home easily.


  1. Don’t forget drainage, erosion and retaining walls:

Get ready to hear about these topics a lot if you decide to build on a sloping block. The work of a good structural engineer and expert plumbers can go a long way to ensuring you don’t experience any issues down the track.


  1. Find the best builders for the job:

We don’t at all want to deter you from buying a sloping block of land. But we can’t stress enough that it’s important that you pick the right builder, with a good background in building on uneven ground.

Obtaining educated advice from a qualified and experienced builder can help your project get off to the best possible start.


If you’ve already purchased a sloping site and this information is coming as a shock, don’t panic! Remember that every sloping site is unique and the factors we’ve outlined above may not apply to your site.

What we can confirm though is that getting in touch with professional sloping block builders and discussing the specifics of your block with these factors in mind will get you on the right track in no time.