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The pathway to your new dream home.

Each project is unique, no matter the size or complexity of it. Add to this every individual has different requirements and vision of a project. That is why MJS Constructions listens to your requirements prior to giving you options that best suit your needs and desires. Once this is established, we tailor the construction process to your requirements. When you receive our initial estimate, you will also receive your customised building process. This will detail every step and who is responsible for it. We will then work with you to guide you every step of the way.

The below is a guide to how we can assist you in realising your dreams.

Matthew always puts his client’s needs foremost and works extremely hard to ensure that the finished product is something both he and his clients can be proud of.

- Corrine

Matt arrives on time well prepared and organised. He consults regularly, explaining how he is solving complex construction and design problems which made us feel that he was respectfully listening to us and keeping us informed.

- Julie

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Initial contact is started by contacting our office via
- Phone
- Email
- Website
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We will listen to the requirements that you have so we fully understand how we can be of the best service to you. We will then review any documentation that you have and discuss with you your options and give you specific advice which is detailed to your requirements.
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After discussing with you your design requirements we will produce concept drawings that detail this information. This is a collaborative approach which is supported by the team at MJS Constructions to maximise the potential of your ideas and site aspects. If you already have concept plans or construction drawings we will work with you so as they meet your needs.
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By analysing the concept drawings and your custom requirements we are able to prepare an initial estimate on the expected cost of your project. This will then allow us to refine your design to meet budget expectations and commence construction documentation.
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At the signing of the Preliminary Building Agreement (PBA) a construction time slot will be reserved for you. The PBA then allows for detailed information on your building to be prepared. It covers a number of essential documents which will include but not limited to construction drawings, specialist reports, site survey and inspection, engineering design and project selections. Part of the PBA is a fixed price quote that has been individually prepared for you and your custom build project. At this stage you will be fully informed on your project design, selections, construction time frame and budget.

You will also be introduced and given access to our online 24/7 construction management software. This will allow you to access all of your project information any where in the world. You will be able to manage your product selections, construction schedule, budget and all of your construction documentation.
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Your custom fixed price building contract will be prepared and personally presented to you for your signature so as MJS Constructions can commence the construction process. The contract will be an industry approved contract that will include all of your construction documentation. All of these documents will be uploaded to our online portal which you will have access to 24/7.
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With all of the documentation complete you can now sit back and relax as we turn your dream into a reality. During the construction process you can monitor your build 24/7 via our online portal which will now include progress photo updates and real-time construction progress. We will also give you access to 24/7 video coverage of your site, allowing you to view your project anytime and anywhere. When you wish to visit your site we will personally guide you around, detailing all aspects of your build.
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At the completion of construction, we will walkthrough with you on your amazing project demonstrating the key aspects and features. We then step back and let you enjoy this amazing project which will enhance your life.
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The moment you sign the PBA you become part of the MJS Construction Family. As family we here to enhance your lifestyle. Firstly, this is through our 6 month quality inspection period and then our 7 year structural warranty on all homes. We then continue to be there for you to meet your changing lifestyle needs.

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With a customised approach to every build we have the systems and processes to deliver custom builds at exceptional value.