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Luxury homes are a convergence of style and elegant design, with functionality and complete ease of living. At MJS Constructions, we tailor our service around your exact needs, creating homes and living spaces that enhance the lifestyle you love to lead.

Working across both South East Queensland and Victoria, we’ve helped hundreds of clients’ design and build homes that push the boundaries of contemporary design and create truly unique living spaces.

As a luxury home builder in Brisbane and Victoria, we understand that every client we work with has different requirements for what makes a home truly special to them. That’s why we endeavour to utilise state of the art materials and cutting-edge technology in our building designs. It lets our builders accommodate any vision you may have, giving you a home that stands out amongst its surrounds, wherever it may be built.

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Home Extensions

Working with you as your luxury home builder, MJS Constructions creates a tailor-made solution that gives you all the room you may need. Whether it’s a growing family or more space to pursue your passions, we can match a new space to the current design of your property so effectively that your guests will never know it was an extension.

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Home Renovations

If your home is looking a bit tired, a luxury home builder at MJS can help breathe new life into older properties. Whether you need a small-scale renovation or a rebuild of the entire property, our expert builders have experience working on all styles of home and specialise in adding contemporary design to any structure. We maximise space while minimising the costs of your renovation through clever design solutions.

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Bespoke Speaking

When searching for a luxury home builder in Brisbane or Victoria that’s capable of creating truly bespoke designs, you’ll quickly discover that MJS is the ideal choice for your needs. Creating a home that’s individual, unique and aligns with your lifestyle requires a luxury home builder that’s capable of capturing your vision and building it to your exact specifications.

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With a customised approach to every build we have the systems and processes to deliver custom builds at exceptional value.

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20 years’ experience as a luxury home builder throughout Brisbane and Victoria

Over two decades operating as a luxury home builder we’ve had the privilege to create some truly stunning homes for our clients across both two states. Treating every project as a chance to create something unique, we provide workmanship that’s second to none. With a seven-year guarantee, our service as a luxury home builder provides years of value to our clients even after we hand over the keys and you start your new life in your beautiful home.

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A big part of what makes us so successful as a luxury home builder throughout Brisbane and Victoria is the rapport we establish with out customers. Get in contact today and one of our friendly staff will book you in for a full, no obligations consultation and start you on the journey to owning a luxury home today.

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