For businesses with the success, vision and drive to stand out from the crowd, MJS Constructions provides the innovation, expertise and skill to upgrade or construct your brand new business venture.

Trust your beautiful heritage building with a constructions company that understands how to respect and maintain the history of a heritage-listed building. Maintaining Australian architectural heritage is vital.

MJS Constructions an industrial construction company working across Brisbane, QLD & VIC. We are one of the leading players in designing and developing commercial construction projects.

The builder in Brisbane and Victoria who cares about your vision

At MJS Constructions company, our success as a builder in Brisbane has allowed us to not only expand our business within Queensland but also provide our construction expertise to clients throughout Victoria. Whether you need luxury home builders, a commercial project developed or some work on a large industrial building, as a construction company we help clients match their vision with our building excellence.

From conception to completion, our custom builders in Brisbane, Queensland and across Victoria can handle the whole building process, providing you with peace of mind to go with your vision for a beautiful, safe and fully functional property. We provide a quick turnaround at an exceptional price, many other building companies in Brisbane and Victoria can’t compete with the service we provide at MJS.

Our Complete service & Solutions

At MJS Constructions company, we know that the success of every great construction company hinges on understanding clients needs for a property that’s tailored to their exact specifications. This appreciation is what has cemented our place as custom builders in Brisbane, Queensland and Victoria who always delivers on our promises.

Our comprehensive building services cover every element of design, construction and lifetime support. We work tirelessly to deliver the highest standards of professionalism throughout every step of our construction journey, ensuring we deliver you a construction project that meets the full extent of your unique vision.

Whether it’s adding eco-friendly systems to an existing property, designing accessibility options for a building to the challenges that come in planning for the difficulties that do with developing in sloping blocks of land, we account for every detail when making any building dream a reality.

Whether you need a builder in Brisbane or a builder in Victoria, numerous clients have found that our skills, experience and resourcefulness ensures that the requirements of any building project we develop are met, allowing us to handle every single aspect of design and construction in-house.

During our comprehensive quoting process, we’ll work with you to ensure that your project benefits from:

home construction company

There’s no point in building something that doesn’t fulfil your needs perfectly for years to come. Both as Brisbane home builder and custom home builders in Victoria, our expert builders specialise in helping you take the first steps towards creating something you’ll be proud to call your own.

Tight project design and solutions are what sets us apart from other project builders in Brisbane, QLD and VIC. We’ve built our success on working with our clients every step of the way to ensure that their home, business or industrial structure is fit for purpose, without any unneeded, unwanted space.

Cutting down on energy consumption turns a new building project into a great long-term investment. When we manage client builds we advise them to be energy efficient by adding features such as solar panels and rainwater tanks into our designs. Cut utility costs and help save the earth.

Top of the line security is about creating peace of mind more than anything else. We help our clients feel secure knowing that their newly built property is fitted with the latest features and that the construction company they chose cares about keeping both of them as well as their livelihood safe.

Building projects are by nature a plan for the future, we take it one step further at MJS. We develop structures that are futureproofed in both design and functionality. When planning your building project, we want you to be forward-thinking and make decisions that continue to provide for you for decades.

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With a customised approach to every build, we have the systems and processes to deliver custom builds at an exceptional value.

Why You Should Choose To Work With Us

As a construction company, Our business is built on six core values that we pride ourselves on providing to our customers throughout Brisbane and Victoria.

Whether building a new home or improving a commercial enterprise, your property is a huge financial asset that has long-lasting impacts on your daily life and future happiness. When selecting a construction company to build or renovate your dream, knowing that they have your best interests in mind is one of the most important items on the agenda.

Our business is built on six core values that we pride ourselves on providing to our customers throughout Brisbane and Victoria.

MJS constructions have been trusted by clients for over two decades, helping them achieve their custom projects throughout Brisbane and Victoria. We operate in a fair and ethical manner, going above and beyond to provide a service that is both socially acceptable and continues to exceed client expectations at every step of the design and building process.

From quote to job completion, we put your needs first and ensure that your project is built to encapsulate your vision.

Acting ethically as a builder in Brisbane and Victoria, MJS Constructions values honesty in all aspects of its business, which has made us a leader in providing outstanding customer service to our clients.

Our professional approach to building and design ensures that we deliver on our promises throughout the entirety of the construction process, no matter the size or scope of your project.

MJS Constructions builds our relationships on mutual respect. You can be assured from the initial contact with MJS constructions we will be working with you to realise your dreams. We will take the time to understand your needs and respect that no one knows your lifestyle and project requirements better than you.

Working with our construction company, we’ll endeavour to provide a service that’s built on mutual respect and a common goal of building a structure that you’ll be proud to call your own.

Our staff are handpicked and trained extensively to work as a tight cohesive unit.

What this means for you is better efficiency leading to a faster job completion, letting you enjoy your property quicker than would be possible working with other building companies in Brisbane or Victoria.

Just like you, we value a professional attitude in every facet of our work as a construction company.

Whether it’s on-site or during a call to one of our friendly office staff, we’ll bring the same level of care and dedication to the table every time we interact with you and discuss your project.

Bold designs and state-of-the-art structures require a builder in Brisbane or Victoria that never settles for anything less than brilliance. Don’t limit the scope of your vision by contacting building companies in Brisbane and Victoria that can’t accommodate your dream.

Working closely with our clients in Brisbane, Queensland and Victoria, we leverage our expertise to break down barriers and help you realise the full potential of your vision.