Heritage Builders & Heritage Homes Renovations

Custom Designed Heritage Homes Projects Across South East Queensland & Victoria

Are you looking to work with a heritage builder for a project in South East Queensland or Victoria? Working with a piece of Australian history, heritage homes require our specialised tools, equipment, expertise. With 20+ years experience we ensure that your heritage property receives the care & diligence it deserves.

Heritage Renovation Projects

At MJS Constructions, we treat every heritage building with the respect that you demand and expect.

Renovating a heritage house is a labour of love, for us as well as our clients. That's why whenever we work on heritage homes renovations projects, we work closely alongside our clients & the heritage regulatory bodies, to ensure that your property will be restored in a way that's entirely fitting of its historical past.

We’ve over 20 years of experience in the renovating, extension & construction of heritage buildings for both, commercial & residential clients. We guarantee that our heritage house builders can work effectively on any structure. We provide exceptional service & high-quality work that's delivered on schedule & most importantly, on budget.

We understand that additions or modifications to heritage buildings require the utmost care, to ensure that the historical past of the building is maintained.

Whilst working with you, our team of heritage homes builders take the time to understand precisely what it is that you want to achieve as a project outcome, before formulating the plan we’ll use to help you reach it.

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Fully Insured Heritage Builders


As qualified heritage builders, MJS Constructions backs its work with our 10-point guarantee, to ensure that your project is protected should any unforeseen circumstances arise. Our insurance covers:

→ Public and Products Liability Insurance

→ Construction Works Insurance

→ Home Warranty Insurance

→ Workers Compensation Insurance

We also offer a seven-year structural guarantee, that gives you the peace of mind that your heritage builders are always working in aid of your best interests.

Custom designed projects from our heritage builders

We believe that a completely customer-oriented design & building process lets our heritage builders provide the best service they possibly can. We take the time to listen to your needs, design concept drawings that match your descriptions & offer a comprehensive initial estimate before proceeding with your project. Our custom service makes working with our heritage builders at MJS a hassle-free process that gives you more time to think about enjoying your beautiful heritage home or business.


Not only will our tailored service allow you more time to enjoy watching your building transform, it will also:
→ Maximise your budget - stretching your money further while not compromising your vision.
→ Minimise build time – allowing our heritage builders to complete your project faster without sacrificing quality.

Home Design

MJS Constructions: Saving heritage buildings through renovation brilliance

As heritage buildings age, the relatively primitive building processes that were commonplace a century ago can quickly be their undoing. Our heritage builders have seen too many beautiful historic buildings lost due to poor upkeep & a lack of diligence in maintaining our rich architectural history.

That's why we work so hard to offer our skills as expert heritage builders. No matter the size of your property, we have the knowledge & the team to reinforce & refurbish heritage buildings of all kinds structurally.

Similarly, if you're thinking about adding an extension to your beautiful heritage home or business, our heritage builders can add space while keeping the original façade of your building in-tact.

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With a customised approach to every build we have the systems and processes to deliver custom builds at exceptional value.

High quality maintenance provided by expert heritage builders

When working with older buildings, our maintenance division operates as an invaluable asset for heritage owners throughout South East Queensland and Victoria. A strictly upheld maintenance schedule ensures that your heritage building won’t suffer from any of the structural problems common for older buildings throughout Australia. We build our maintenance around your budget, ensuring that you enjoy a structurally sound heritage home or business that’s maintained exactly to your needs.

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Fixed price guarantees

The work of heritage builders may seem out of reach for many heritage building owners. MJS Constructions aims to buck this trend by offering fixed-price contracts that allow you to align your costs perfectly with your budget. Working with us you can expect no surprises or hidden variations to the cost of our work, offering excellent value for money and a competitive price that’s praised by our customers throughout both Brisbane and Victoria.

Contact our heritage builders today

Want to find out more about what our heritage builders at MJS can do for you? Get in contact with one of our friendly and helpful staff today. We’ll sit you down for a comprehensive quote and show you the possibilities that your heritage property can provide. Our heritage builders work every day to help our customers enhance their lifestyle and live the vision they’ve always had for their beautiful piece of history.