MJS Constructions aim is to enhance a client’s lifestyle by delivering new build projects & conversions projects that meet their individual needs. We are a local building company that has been built from the ground up. MJS Constructions has put in place a building process with systems that allow the best levels of service for its clients in order to deliver quality custom projects.

Whether we build home units for families or industrial complexes for businesses - we customise our service to meet our clients requirements to deliver a project on time and to budget. We work with our clients so they have their projects information in sufficient detail to make informed decisions at every stage throughout the building process. Open communication is the key to our successful relationships.

To insure compliance with government and industry regulations and stay at the forefront of the construction industry MJS Constructions is a member of the following organisations:

  • Master Builders Association
  • Housing Industry Association (HIA)
  • Association of Professional Builders (APB)
  • Victorian Building Authority (VBA)
  • Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC)
  • HIA Greensmart Professional
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Building Designers Association of Queensland (BDAQ)

An estimate and a quote are often confused as the same thing; however, they are completely different. An estimate is a rough order of magnitude of an estimated price which may change and a quote is an agreed fixed price.

The following are the definitions as taken directly from the Cambridge Dictionary:

Estimate ‘to guess or calculate the cost, size, value, etc. of something’

Quotation ‘a statement of how much a job, service, or product will cost’

So, what does this really mean in the building industry?


An estimate is used to give a quick indication of a project's potential cost. The detail behind the figures will vary from builder to builder along with the final price. Generally exact specifications have not yet been determined and the builder will be guessing on the fixtures and fittings that will be used.

The advantages of an estimate are:

  • It is quick and gives an indication of potential costs of + or – 100%
  • allows initial dialog between a customer and a builder.

The disadvantages of an estimate are:

  • it can give a false sense of a project’s cost
  • builders will estimate on different products, fixtures and fittings making it very hard for a client to compare ‘apples with apples’
  • the price is likely to change at either contract signing or during construction.


Quotation (Quote)

A quote is a detailed building cost proposal that a builder will prepare based on the exact client requirements. It will detail all of the products, fixtures and fittings being used. It is individually completed for each project to the client’s exact specifications.

The advantages of a quotation are:

  • It requires the client, or their representative to pick all of their materials, fixtures and fittings
  • It requires the builder to cost the project based on materials and labour that is required to complete the project.
  • It provides confidence and assurance of what will be completed for the price given
  • Gives a client further information on how to assess the competence level of the builder.
  • Requires a Builder to invest in a project and give a high level of customer service as the quotation that they give for a project they are accountable for delivering for that specification and price.

The disadvantages of a quotation are:

  • It can take a long time to complete. Builders will dedicate between 30-50 hours and upwards on preparing a quotation, dependant on the size and complexity of a project.
  • It requires a Builder to invest in a professional detailed process and proposal before a contract is signed.

A fixed price construction proposal (quote) by MJS Constructions means that you can be assured that the price quoted will be the price you pay, unless you make changes to the proposed works or there are works required that could not have been reasonably known at the time of the quote.  Our detailed proposal will detail any areas where there may be a risk due to unavailable information at the time which could affect the price.

MJS Constructions has its own quality management policy which is reviewed annually. This is given to all of our partners to adhere to. At each stage your project it is reviewed to ensure it meets the required specifications and the quality that MJS constructions is known for.

MJS Constructions knows that privacy is important to everyone and to ensure that your privacy is protected we strictly adhere to our Privacy Policy which is bound by the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles.

MJS Constructions adheres to its safety policy to ensure the safety of all of its workers and the general public. This commitment not only insures a safe working environment, but meets the Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

Communication is one of the key elements of a successful and stress less project build. You will be given access to our project management system, where you will be able to track all communication, important documents and emails during the construction of your project 24/7. No more missed communication or lost emails. During the construction of your project MJS Constructions will keep in touch by face to face meetings, phone calls, text and video calls to insure you a successful build.

MJS Constructions does allow the flexibility of clients to choose some of their own trades and or suppliers. This needs to be agreed to prior to a building contract being signed to ensure that the trades and or suppliers meet the requirements of MJS Constructions policies.

We encourage you to view your project as often as you like as long as you are accompanied by an MJS Construction representative. This is to ensure that we meet our requirements under our Safety Policy.

As you are building a custom project MJS Constructions allows changes to occur at any stage. If you request a change we will detail this and advise you of any impacts to your project including the price and time to complete your project.

Building can be a daunting process, however MJS Constructions has been guiding and assisting clients for over 20 years to complete their projects. We encourage you to contact us as early as possible so as we can assist you with your project.

MJS Constructions prefers to work closely with our clients through the design process as this enables us to advise on alternative methods of construction and design changes to fit within a client’s budget, so your dreams can be realised. If you have had plans completed and have now discovered that your design is not with your budget we are still able to help you. We will review your plans and offer alternative methods of construction and/or design changes that reduce the cost of your construction.

MJS Constructions can most certainly help you with plans for your projects. Working with other industry professionals we are able to complete full building documentation for your project to be completed. At your first consultation we will be able to establish your project requirements in order to commence your project design concepts.

Dependent on when MJS Constructions is engaged will affect what costs are incurred prior to  construction commencing. The costs incurred are costs for items and /or services that will be required to complete your project, such as a soil test, engineering, specifications etc. The advantages of completing and paying for these services prior to a contract being signed is that all detail is available to give an accurate fixed price quote.

Each project construction timeline will vary from project to project. Prior to signing a building contract MJS Constructions produces a construction timeline for your individual project which you will receive a copy of. You will also be able to follow online 24/7 during the construction via your online portal.

MJS Constructions knows that we all live busy lives and you may have limited time to check in on your project. To assist you in monitoring your project we give you 24/7 access to your own online portal which allows you to view, construction documents, progressive photos of your build and track communications anywhere in the world. We even give you access to onsite cameras which allows you to view your project 24/7 in real time from anywhere in the world.

A provisional sum (PS) is an estimated amount included in the contract to cover items of work (labour and materials) when a definite price cannot be given. This is most commonly given for site works. For example, the site may appear to have good soil conditions with minimal site works required. However, once excavations begin there may be large rocks, tree trunks, or contaminated soil below the service which only becomes evident once excavation works have commenced. This has the potential to cause a significant cost overrun.

A prime cost (PC) item is a standard definition in most building contracts. A PC item is such items as taps, tiles, joinery or bathroom fittings. Used when the exact product has not been selected at contract signing a reasonable cost is estimated on the cost of these items. For example, a PC amount of $700 for a bath may be specified in the contract, however during the build the client selects a $1500 bath, then a variation of $800 will be required. If a PC item varies in cost so will the final contract price.

Although this is as individual as the projects that we complete here are our top 5.

  1. First and foremost, you must feel comfortable with the builder that you are going to deal with. The relationship between a builder and yourself is generally one of the highest purchase price and longest relationships you will have with a business
  2. Ensure your chosen builder and their team have the experience and knowledge to complete your project.
  3. Engage with your preferred builder as early as possible. Ideally, this will be at the same time as an architect or draftsperson. This will allow for another professional to provide advice on best construction methods and design to deliver you value for money.
  4. Ensure your builder offers you value for money. This is not always the cheapest price, but one which meets your needs and expectations according to your specifications and requirements.
  5. Be careful of the builder offering the cheapest price, often they have left items out and plan on making it up in variations to the contract, or they are taking shortcuts.

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