MJS Constructions: We knock down and Rebuild in Brisbane and Victoria

Make your dream of owning a beautiful new home a reality by knocking down your existing property and building something that better fits your needs. Our custom construction services allow you to knock down and rebuild throughout Brisbane and Victoria, with our highly trained experts helping you design and build a home that you love to live in.

Due to the size and scope of our operations, we can also accommodate commercial and industrial businesses who need to knock down and rebuild in Brisbane or Victoria. Designing a new structure that’s fitted exactly to the needs of your company can breathe new life into your business, while also increasing productivity and decreasing maintenance costs. At MJS Constructions, we make the process of a knocking down your existing property and building a new one easy and stress free.

Why are we the best choice to help you knock down and rebuild in Brisbane and Victoria?

Choosing MJS constructions to remove your existing structure and replacing it with a home that reflects your lifestyle is a smooth and stress-free experience. We will deliver extraordinary results that justifies the weighty decision to rebuild. A new structure means a new start. Beginning fresh gives you the chance to build something that’s completely customised to your needs both now and into the future.

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Our experience makes us the best choice

When you need a professional builder to help you knock down and rebuild in Brisbane or Victoria, it’s worth considering how an acclaimed company such as MJS Constructions can help expediate the process. We work stringent deadlines and budget effectively, as well as backing our work with an ongoing 7-year warranty post construction.

We provide these services because we’re committed to providing value. This makes the choice to knock down and rebuild in Brisbane or Victoria preferable to spending endless amounts of money keeping your old structure from falling down around you. We analyse your requirements and fold them into our costings as well as our concept drawings, to ensure that every part of the job is achieved to our exacting standards.

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With a customised approach to every build we have the systems and processes to deliver custom builds at exceptional value.

How do we provide the best service in two states?

Our process begins with free, no obligations consultation with one of our expert builders. We’ll work alongside you to tailor a hassle-free, risk-free and most importantly tightly costed project outline that lets you demolish and rebuild your business or home before rebuilding it into something that you’ll be proud to own for decades to come.

Your new property journey starts today by contacting one of our friendly staff at MJS Constructions. We’ll talk you through every stage of the process and let you know how we can help you achieve your property dreams. Call today on 1300 225 657.